Saturday, October 20, 2012

Peter Thomas Senese: Another Great Day In Washington, D.C. Helping A Friend

The United States Capitol
Yesterday, I had a great deal to do in Washington, D.C.  Funny, as I think about it, I always have a lot to do in Washington, D.C.

President George Washington
I make no apology when I say I love Washington and if I did not live in Los Angeles and New York and needed to pick another U.S. city to live in, I would unquestionably pick the city named after one of my heroes: our nation's first president, George Washington.

Over the past 25 years, I have come to visit Washington frequently.  In my earlier years, my travels revolved around business affairs I was involved with (it seemed back then, when living full-time in New York, I would spend 5-7 days a month in Washington).  Later, and as I created another component to my professional life as a geopolitical novelist, my visits included time spent researching various subjects contained in some of my novels.

The Library of Congress
My bonus when I do this: I would always write inside the Library of Congress.  Writing at the Library of Congress is something that I treasure and imagine I shall continue to do so long as I write, which I can't imagine not ever doing.  Additionally, and over the past few years, outside of my professional business travel or my writing escapaes, my visits to Washington also included my work trying to prevent children from being internationally kidnapped.

Russell Senate Buildting
So yesterday, was a very interesting day.  I started my day with an important meeting at the Federal Reserve Building, followed that with another meeting at the FEMA building, moved on to meetings at the Russell and Hart Senate Buildings, then eventually sat at the fountain located at the Library of Congress . . . where I am heading in a few minutes.

Yes, Washington has a great deal to offer me.  And for any of you who have not really spent any time here, I strongly advise you do.  This is really a magnificent town even if it is the home of the Washington Redskins National Football League team - Go Giants!

The Federal Reserve
As for yesterday, I was very pleased with all facets of my day; however, I was particularly glad of how things went for my pal Chris, who is fighting to protect his abducted daughter.

A few highlights:
1. A meeting at the Board of Governors Building for the Federal Reserve.

2. A meeting at FEMA.

3. Receiving the most beautiful flag ever created: the American Flag, which was flown over the United States Capitol Building in my honor in association with the volunteer work I perform with the I CARE Foundation.

4. Most of all, helping a freind continue his efforts to reuntie with his abducted daughter.

The I CARE Foundation