Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Incredible Influence of Parenting Bloggers

Ernest & Mary Welsh Hemingway  
A few years ago I was asked to edit for both substance and style an incredible book being written about Mary Welsh Hemingway (Ernest Hemingway's 4th and last wife) and the remarkable Jacqueline Saix.  And as I did, my world and perspective changed forever. 

If you are not familiar with Jacqueline and Mary (respective mother and godmother of my friend Kate, who was writing this incredible story), they were, 70 years ago, at a place where the world's dedicated parenting blog writers are today - at the wheel of tremendous change.  

What am I talking about?

Well, Mary Welsh Hemingway and Jacqueline Saix were the first two women war correspondents who worked for 'Life' magazine.  

These two incredible women sent cables (like emails) to the news bureau desk from the front line of the war while also covering stories of interest - putting their hand stamp and unique perspective, including a women's voice when it comes to reporting news and current events. 

Prior to Mary and Jacqueline (and Martha Gellhorn : EH 3rd wife), women reporters reporting current events was non-existent. 

Then these two women came along - or were dropped in, if you will, and the world changed forever. 

How much so?  

Well, Mary became Ernest's first-line editor before his works went up to Alfred Knopf (Knopf Publishing, which is a part of Random House). And Jacqueline went on to become the BBC's, and therefore the world's first female television producer.  The shows she produced were magazine-style shows that were the prequel to today's talk shows. 

And look at where we are today because of them.  Truth is there would not have been a Dinah Shore or an Oprah or an Ellen or a Barbara or a Diane, etc. if not for these two savvy women who reported WWII from war-torn London.

I invite you to take a look at the essay I had written about Jacqueline and Mary.  

You see, from my perspective, where you are as an outstanding writer covering real life issues today via your website is in many ways how Mary and Jacqueline were transforming society 70 years ago. And I think this is incredible. 

And so, I have decided to write an essay about how today's parenting bloggers, particularly women parenting bloggers have and will continue to have a significant impact on society.  And there is no question that they have had a tremendous impact!  

In my research one of the interesting things I have come across is how some women writers who are parents do not like being called 'Mommy Bloggers' while others embrace it. In fact, the linked Washington Post article is one I found of interest. Here is the link.

Well, funny how when you keep your eyes open while traveling down the road of life you can come across and befriend some remarkable individuals.  I am very lucky ... because along the way in my advocacy of trying to protect children from international child abduction, where I sought assistance to share critical information about this pandemic, I met and have made some extraordinary friends.