Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Painful Day - Football and Maria

                                                                 Life Can Be So Cruel

Today was a terrible day. One where the ramifications of the events that have transpired will live with me for a very long time.

You see, for over three years I waited for my beloved New York Giants football team to play those 'Who Day' Cincinnati Bengals.

Yes, those Bengals that Maria loves so much.

Waking up early, I started the day with a 'Good morning, bobcat."

Her reaction?

A combination of ignoring me, followed by a "Game time is 1 p.m, and you're going to know what its like to come to the jungle."

And so, our morning was pepper-filled with good-natured ribbing's as we prepared for the three-year showdown we had both eagerly anticipated.

Was I confident that my First Place New York Giants would go into Cincinnati - the home of Jungle Jim's - and stomp on the bobcats?  You bet.  

Well the Giants didn't simply lose the football game. They were humiliated. 

And as the game continued and a blowout was taking shape, I got to hear Maria continue to sing the words:
          Welcome to the Jungle. n the jungle, welcome to the jungle!
          Watch it bring you to your knnn knne knees, knees!
          Who day, who day, who day think they beat those Bengals!

The game ended 5 hours ago.  But Maria keeps singing her improvised song while dancing around as if she had just one a Super Bowl!

Which - mind you - the Bengals never have, but the reigning Super Bowl Champion Giants have won four.

Nevertheless, as far as Maria is concerned, she won our Super Bowl.

And so, for some time to come, I anticipate that I will have to hear her singing these horrible lyrics connected to the Bengals. 

Oh life could be so cruel!  So cruel indeed!

And so much for sending her father blue carnations after what I expected to be a Giant Stomping.  The only thing that got a stomping where the Blue ...

Which is exactly what I am right now.