Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Examiner News Story About The I CARE Foundation and Author Peter Thomas Senese - The Miracle Of A Book

Like every parent who has chased into the storms of international parental child abduction, I have been to He!! and back.  There is nothing that I can compare what it is like to be a chasing parent searching for your child.

Recently the Examiner published a fairly detailed article about the I CARE Foundation and our efforts to help children fighting cancer or who are targeted for international parental child abduction. The published story has a theme that I appreciate outside of my advocacy work, and that is books really can and do make a big difference in our lives.  Chasing The Cyclone has done that for a large and growing number of parents.

I invite you to read the Examiner story.

In the meantime, I urge all parents, particularly those involved in multi-cultural relationships that show signs of previous or ongoing strain to remember that the Christmas Holiday Season is a hightened time of the year when children get internationally abducted.  Please do not think this issue is not important to you - most every parent who has had their child stolen by the other parent didn't feel it was important either; however, with as many as 125, 000 American and 20,000 Canadian children expected to be internationally abducted over the next 10 years - it is worth 2 minutes of your time to understand.
I invite you to read more about the Christmas Holiday Season and Child Abduction

To learn more about international parental child abduction please visit the offiical website of Chasing The Cyclone.  And to learn more about my writing, please visit the official website of Peter Thomas Senese.