Saturday, November 10, 2012

The I CARE Foundation - Helping Protect Children From Abduction

New York Attorney Joel Walter & Peter Thomas Senese -
Goofing Off In 'Brooklyn Bridge Park'
It has been nearly a year since the not-for-profit I CARE Foundation began its formal operations as an advocacy research organization committed to help prevent the rocket-like growth of international parental child abduction.

Since we began, the foundation has counted completely on our own resources and capability to act on behalf of those we made commitments to aid, while pushing hard on deepening society's understanding on IPCA. 

In the course of our business, we have helped bring home or protect dozens of children from abduction while building a national network of attorneys willing to help targeted parents and children of abduction.  We have also extensively launched a series of research projects aimed at guiding our legislative initiative activity. And we are building a legal database that lawyers all over the world may use to help fight abduction.

Today I spent some time reflecting on the many parents and children we have helped, or who we are trying to assist. 

(L to R) Chris Morris, Eugene Pothy, Peter Thomas Senese
I have to admit, I am very fortunate: even though the circumstances of each of these initial relationships occurred during a difficult time in each of their lives, truth is many incredible friendships have been made.

And a long the way, the I CARE Foundation has helped reunite or prevent the abduction of dozens of children.  Which is more than cool ... I do believe in miracles.

In the coming weeks I will be sharing some important information about new legislation we are readying to launch.

I look forward to your support in our efforts to protect children from abduction.

Very truly yours,

Peter Thomas Senese